PK History – Down on Mainstreet
Location : 107 Main Street, Washington, NC
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Sunday - Monday : Closed
Tuesday - Thursday : 11:00am - 08:30pm
Friday - Saturday : 11:00am - 09:30pm
Location : 107 Main Street, Washington, NC

Our History

Our history

Down on Mainstreet, a beloved casual dining restaurant in Washington, was founded in 2005 by Glenn and Gennia Wetherington. They established the eatery with a vision of creating a place where people could unwind in a fun atmosphere, particularly for those coming from their boats wearing board shorts and flip flops without feeling out of place. At the time, the couple noticed that Washington had several high-end restaurants, but they saw an opportunity to cater to a more relaxed and laid-back crowd.

Over the years, Down on Mainstreet became a cherished establishment in the community, drawing locals and visitors alike. The restaurant’s popularity grew, thanks to its welcoming ambiance, delicious food, and friendly service provided by the Wetheringtons and their team.

Running alongside the restaurant venture, Glenn and Gennia Wetherington also owned NautiLife, a gift shop situated across from Down on Mainstreet. Gennia, in particular, dedicated her efforts to managing the gift shop and announced that it would continue to operate as usual, with her working full-time there.

In 2022, after seventeen successful years of ownership, the Wetheringtons decided to hand over the reins of Down on Mainstreet to Lee and Marina Wood, both Beaufort County natives. Marina had a longstanding connection with the restaurant, having worked there for eight years since she was 16 years old, where she eventually met her husband, Lee. Owning a restaurant had been Marina’s dream, and she and Lee saw the opportunity when they learned that the Wetheringtons were looking to sell.

The Wetheringtons, passionate about the growth of their city, likened watching Washington evolve over the years to seeing a child grow up. As they made the transition to new owners, they expressed mixed emotions but were comforted by the fact that the Woods were local residents with a strong history with Down on Mainstreet. The Woods also appreciated the support and guidance provided by the Wetheringtons during the handover process.

Lee and Marina reassured the community that the restaurant they knew and loved would remain unchanged. They were determined to preserve the welcoming atmosphere and continue serving the delicious food that patrons had come to cherish. With the new owners’ commitment and the restaurant’s solid foundation, Down on Mainstreet looked set to continue being a cornerstone of the local dining scene, bringing joy to customers for many years to come.