About Us

Our History

Down on Mainstreet, a beloved casual dining restaurant in Washington, was founded in 2005 by Glenn and Gennia Wetherington. They envisioned a place where people could unwind in a fun atmosphere, welcoming everyone, even those in board shorts and flip-flops, straight from their boats. Recognizing a gap in the market dominated by high-end restaurants, the Wetheringtons aimed to cater to a more relaxed and laid-back crowd.

Over the years, Down on Mainstreet became a cherished community establishment, attracting locals and visitors alike with its welcoming ambiance, delicious food, and friendly service. Alongside the restaurant, Glenn and Gennia also owned NautiLife, a gift shop across the street, with Gennia dedicating her efforts to managing it full-time.

In 2022, after seventeen successful years, the Wetheringtons decided to pass the torch to Lee and Marina Wood, Beaufort County natives. Marina, who had worked at the restaurant for eight years since she was 16, dreamed of owning it. When the opportunity arose, she and Lee seized it, ensuring the beloved eatery would remain in caring hands.

The Wetheringtons likened watching Washington evolve to seeing a child grow up. Though they had mixed emotions about the transition, they were comforted knowing the Woods, with their deep connection to the restaurant, would continue its legacy. Lee and Marina, with the Wetheringtons’ support and guidance, committed to preserving the welcoming atmosphere and delicious food that patrons loved.

With a solid foundation and dedicated new owners, Down on Mainstreet is set to remain a cornerstone of the local dining scene, bringing joy to customers for many years to come.